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    • Is Officially registered?

      Yes. is officially registered and recognized through out the territory of Great Britain and the European Union (EU).

    • What is necessary for creation of an account in to become an active investor?

      All you need to do is click on 'Get Started' that appears at the top of this page, enter your personal data, choose a 'transaction code' which will be needed during the funds withdrawal process from your account, fill in your payment information, agree to our terms and conditions and click or press 'Create an Account' button at the bottom. NOTE: The transaction code is necessary , as it is a security measure put in place to safeguard our investors and their deposit from loss. So, keep your password, as well as chosen transaction code private and secret, ONLY to yourself.

    • Can my friends or family members register to invest using my computer with the same IP address?

      Yes, they can have accounts created on the same computer and IP address. However, it is necessary that each individuals have separate payment processing account for their individual investment needs different from your own.

    • What should I do if I lost my password?

      If you lost your password, simply use the 'Forgot your password' link on the Account Login box and enter your email address to recover it.

    • Is it possible to create more than one account in

      No, it is NOT. In case we suspect or find an individual investor operating different accounts, such stands the risk of getting the accounts frozen.


    • What do I need to start investing with

      Firstly, you need to have an account with us. To do this, simply click on 'Get Started' at the top of our pages, you will be redirected to a page where you fill all your information and electronic payment account such as Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin.

      Upon successful registration, you will be allowed to access our program by login into your newly created account with your username and password chosen during registration.

      Now, to make deposit, simply click on 'Make a Deposit' under the Account Navigation section of your Account Dashboard, select an investment plan of your choice, such as; Baby Plan, Crawler Plan or Walker Plan, enter the deposit amount you want to make, choose payment processor and click Proceed with Deposit.

    • What is the minimum and maximum amount that can be invested into

      The minimum is $50 while the maximum is $250,000 have 3 different investment plans, which are;

      BABY PLAN - $50 up to $5,000

      CRAWLER PLAN - $400 up to $40,000

      WALKER PLAN - $2,500 up to $250,000

      For details about the investment plans, please check our Investment Plans page.

    • What electronic payment system(s) or processor does accept to make deposit?

      We trust only stable and reliable electronic payment systems for our program. As such, we are currently and only accepting Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bitcoin. Meanwhile, you can easily create your electronic payment account with the following links; , ,

    • I want to invest into your program with my BITCOIN account but I have funds available on my PM account, what do I do?

      We've got you covered. It is simple to transfer your funds across different digital wallets, for this purpose you need service of an ecurrency exchanger. To transfer your funds from one processor wallet/account to another; for example; from Perfect Money to Bitcoin, or Perfect Money to Payeer account - vice versa, simply click here.

    • How many deposits can I have at the same time?

      You can have several active deposits in one plan or different plans at the same time. We do not penalize our members for having different active deposits at the same time.

    • Does has affiliate program?

      Yes, we do. With our affiliate program will give our loyal investors the opportunity to make some extra earnings from our program just by inviting their friends, acquaintance(s), colleagues and family/relatives to invest with us. However, to take part in this affiliate program, a member must have an active deposit with us. To get started, make sure you have an active deposit with us, then invite others to invest with us by sending/sharing your affiliate referral link to them to register and invest with us (find your affiliate referral link on your account dashboard when you log in). For each active investors that joins our program through your referral link, you will be paid 25% of their deposit. Superb, right?


    • How can I withdraw funds?

      It is SIMPLE. Sign into your account using your username and password. Upon successful login session, right inside your member area dashboard, simply click on the 'Request Withdrawal' button under the 'Account Navigation' category.

    • How often can I withdraw profits?

      Your profit accrue every days and we only process profit withdrawals on every days, meaning - Monday through Sunday.

    • Can I make a deposit using PerfectMoney and then withdraw my profit through another payment system, such as Payeer or Bitcoin?

      CERTAINLY NO! We can ONLY process your withdrawal request into the same type of e-currency/digital currency account wallet you make deposit from.

    • How long will it take for my withdrawal processing to be completed and funds made available on my ecurrency wallet?

      We pay our investors Instant withdrawals. So, we can only guarantee that your withdrawal payment will be processed between 5 seconds of you making the withdrawal request. At times, it may take just 10 seconds, but the standard withdrawal processing period for our program is 5 seconds.

    • I have made funds withdrawal request 24 hours ago, and still no payment on my wallet?

      Like we stated earlier, the standard withdrawal processing time for our program is between 5-10seconds. We will definitely pay you as soon as possible. However, if you have waited for over 24hours and still no payment made to your ecurrency wallet, please do not panic - just send us a message on the support page or our email - [email protected], and we would attend to your problems/issues ASAP. Thank you!

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